A form of strategic advertizing that gives businesses the opportunity to reach a far wider audience, digital advertizing broadcasts ads and other materials of a promotional nature on websites, social media platforms, email, search engines and apps.

When trying to formulate a successful digital marketing strategy, many businesses choose to work with digital marketing services in Surrey to help them achieve the best results, and below are some of the most effective forms of online advertizing you can choose from:

  1. Display

Using such things as images, text, videos and flash banner ads, this type of advertizing targets certain sections of a social media platform or website, and asks users to click somewhere to learn more about a product or service.

  1. Native

Popping up on websites and social media sites, native ads are structured to look more like information than an ad, and when users click on it, you’re rerouted to another web page. This type of advertizing offers more clicks and conversion rates than other.

  1. Paid search

As simple as it sounds, this type of advertizing is when businesses pay for their ads to be listed on the search engine results pages, or SERPs. This enables ads to appear at the top of the search results when a person searches for something relevant to what the business is offering.

  1. Social media

Giving businesses the chance to relate more closely with their target audience by sharing content with followers, companies can use promotional videos, content writing, and images to get their messages across to users of social media.

  1. Video

Using video content, this form of advertizing utilizes platforms that share videos, such as Insta, Tik Tok and YouTube. Ads can appear at the beginning, middle or end of a video, and is a highly effective way of reaching users who chose watching videos over reading content.

  1. Audio

Enabling businesses to reach an audience within an episode of a podcast or between songs, audio advertizing uses audio platforms, and for those who use the service but don’t pay a full subscription fee, ads are played out in their entirety.

  1. Mobile

Popping up on tablets and smartphones, mobile marketing campaigns might send promotional information by SMS, through in-app advertisements, or by way of banner ads on sites that are mobile-enabled.

  1. Remarketing

Remarketing involves cookies being used to help a business garner information on those users who have had some engagement with a webpage, or who didn’t follow through on an order. Using this form of advertizing, businesses can purposely put ads on users platforms to create more awareness, or encourage them to finish placing their order. Useful for e-commerce platforms in particular, businesses can establish a sound online presence and give their sales a boost.

  1. Affiliate

Working with the help of a revenue-sharing model, affiliate advertizing enables individuals to earn money by selling the products or services of someone else, or multiple people. Every time a certain product or service is sold, the affiliate gets a commission from the trader.

  1. Content

The goal of this type of advertizing is to generate leads that will eventually become customers, and this is done by giving useful and accurate content to a specific audience. Using search engine optimization (SEO), content writers can help websites reach the top spot in the search results pages, while also building a relationship with the customer based upon the sharing of information they find useful.

Sound too complicated and time consuming? To be honest, many businesses flounder when it comes to digital marketing, and the money lost while trying to gain customers, could often have been put to better use hiring a digital marketing agency in Surrey. Specializing in digital advertizing, such agencies have all the best techniques and methods to help you grow your brand and your business, and often prove invaluable for companies trying to expand in a competitive market.