Digital marketing is becoming increasingly more effective with every passing year, thanks to changing technological capabilities, public taste, and trends. One aspect of digital marketing that continues to prove crucial to a businesses success, is that of SEO, or search engine optimization. But, as time progresses and new advances in technology arise, what will the SEO landscape look like in 2024?

To ensure your SEO strategy always takes advantage of top tech tools, such as AI, and remains flexible no matter the trend, try working with a SEO company in Surrey.

Here are 6 SEO trends such companies will likely be incorporating into their digital marketing strategies this year:

  1. E-E-A-T

An acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust, EEAT will be more important than ever before when creating SEO marketing strategies in 2024, with ‘experience’ being the overriding factor determining a pages ranking success with the major search engines.

Referring to the sources used and how credible and knowledgeable they are, Google has of late been emphasizing a sources’ experience, making it essential for web pages to gain experience and credibility on their chosen topics in order to achieve higher search engine rankings.

2. AI and Machine Learning

With Google increasingly using AI and machine learning to make sense of online queries and produce better results for users, this trend is one that isn’t set to go anywhere.

By looking at a user’s location and their search history, AI can help create search results that are more personalized, and their impact on the way in which search engines present their results, is already significant as we enter 2024.

By creating content of a high quality and which provides users with valuable and accurate answers to their queries, businesses can continue to benefit from AI and machine learning. In addition, they can work with a digital marketing company who will have access to a variety of AI-powered tools to enable enhanced keyword research and improved competitor analyses of SEO performance.

3. Google’s Core Web Vitals

This set of metrics are used to measure a user’s experience while visiting a page, and include accessibility, visual stability, and loading performance among others. As part of this, website developers and managers must make sure that their sites load quickly if they’re to keep hold of their search engine ranking positions. They must also make sure that the sites they build are mobile-responsive, in order to keep up with another of Google’s Core Web Vitals: mobile-first indexing.

4. Optimizing voice search

Nowadays, more and more users are asking questions and looking for content using voice search capabilities, such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, instead of typing their queries into the search bar. This makes it important for websites to be optimized for voice searches so that they can rank higher and maintain visibility online.  

5. Optimizing video and images

Diversifying the content of a website is a crucial way to stand out and keep up with SEO trends in 2024, especially with competition being so fierce and keyword volumes reaching saturation point. And while written content is still important in terms of search engine rankings, images and videos that have been optimized are gaining more traction and making significant waves in the processes search engines use to rank sites.

6. Content that is personalized and user-focused

This SEO trend is still doing the rounds and proving just as effective in 2024 as it has done in previous years. With the creation of content that gives users exactly what they are looking for, and without them having to scroll through passage after passage of non-relevant content, SEO services in Surrey can help businesses better connect with their audience and encourage them to linger on their pages for longer.

Digital marketing strategies must continually evolve if they’re to remain effective, and keeping an eye on trends as they come and go, is a key way of making sure your business is responding to its audience in the right way, at the right time.